Friday, December 25, 2009

Hope Everyone had a Great Christmas

And, Happy Birthday Christ Jesus

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sarah Palin / SNL / Her Book

Sarah Palin did well on 'Saturday Night Live' this past weekend. And, her Book has sold 1 Million
copies in only 3 weeks time.

Al Gore has only sold 40,000 of his own book.

I hope Mrs. Palin keeps on kicking butt.
She's good for the GOP. And for America.

She doesn't attend a Hate filled Church, unlike OBama, and
she has a great family. And paid for her own house.

(Rezko, convict, bought the OBamas a House.)

I hope her book sales 100 Million Copies................
Perhaps even more is Possible..................

Thank You

Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christ Birthday we shall all Celebrate. Say "NO" to Holiday trees. It's a Christmas Tree........Period. So, have a Great Christmas and Happier New Year, to all.

Happy Birthday Jesus.


Thank You

Finally OBama Sending Troop's

It's about time. What took him so long ?? The Generals asked Months ago for more Troops. Months later, OBama @ Co. finally are sending them. (??)

Maybe if OBama wasn't Globe Trotting around the World he'd have time to send more troops sooner. First, flying off to try to get the Olympics to come to Chicago. ( didn't help ) Then to accept a Nobel Peace Prize he did not earn.

Perhaps OBama should take care of things at Home first before Flying off to get his Prize(s). (!!) Makes sense too alot of People.

Thank You

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Never forget 9/11 Nor Fort Hood, TX

Innocent people where killed. By crazed Muslims or Islamic Radicals.
These people were just doing there jobs like most days.
Then these Idiots ,Muslim and Islamic, Kill them in cold Blood.

We Americans most support the War in Afganistan. OBama has waited long enough
to send more Troops. That the Generals requested. Actually, far too long.
These Murders and there Gods most be Hunted
down and Killed. Period.
There should be no safe havens for Terrorist. Let the Tomahawk Missiles, Hellfire
Missiles and the Predators Aircraft do their jobs.

Again, no safe Havens for Terrorist. Either in Afganistan, Pakistan nor any Country.

These people want us dead. We cannot whimp around. Fighting them over their instead
of here sounds great to me. You ?! Support our troops and tell OBama to send the troops NOW.

Thank You

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Trees ??!!

What ?! I hear now that we are suppose to call Christmas Trees, Holiday Trees !!??
What !? Something about offending Muslims is why now we should call Christmas Trees,
Holiday Trees instead ??

We as Americans call Christmas Trees by this name because we believe in Christ our Lord.
I sure do. You ?! We Celebrate Christmas not for Gifts, but for the Birth of Christ Jesus.
This is and will be my name for the Tree til the day God calls me Home. AMEN.

Will Muslims change their beliefs for us ?? I don't think so.
Christmas is for thanking God for giving us his only begotten son.
Jesus. Our Lord and Savior. AMEN.

Don't let them change you either. If you Love Christ Jesus you should not allow someone or some group to tell you what to call it. Call it like we have always called it, Christmas Tree.
Period. I'm a proud Baptist. And will forever call Christmas our Lords Birthday.
And call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree. It's been this way for years as it should be.
It's again our Lords Birthday, Christ Jesus.

Thank You

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Supreme Court of Injustices

The Supreme Court has band The Ten Commandments from being
shown in Public places ???? What an Injustice. What a crime they
have committed.
May God Forgive them.
For I hope someone will reverse this crazyness.

People Like you and me should put up the Ten Commandments in
our yards, street corners, Public parks and trails.
Show them that we are as angery as GOD is.

The ACLU should be run out of this great Country.
And we need New Supreme Court Justices. Vote in
the ones that Believe in the Almighty.


Thank You

Thursday, November 12, 2009

FBI / Army / CID

The three of them let this nut job, Major Hasan, slip though the

cracks. This Radical Muslim should have been in a Brigg

Months ago. Especially after he was caught E-Mailing Al-

Quada members. And his hate speeches against America

should have gotten him in trouble with his Superiors.

So many times this wrack-O should have been put away

before something bad happened.

Several individuals could have prevented this from happening. But

they didn't. And the FBI, CID and the Army are all to blame. For not

putting this guy away.

Thank You

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

John Allen Muhammed - Terrorist - Put to Death - Peaceful Muslims need to....

Amen. He was a coward just like this new guy, Major Hasan.

Both were Domestic Terrorist. Both deserve to Die.

These (2) two Muslims, killed more than 24 people in

our back yard. America. And wounded many many


Peaceful Muslims of America and the World need to report

Radical Muslims they may know of too Authorities. ( FBI )

Help us help you. This is our Country and together we can

make a difference.

Thank You

Political Correctness Cost 13 Americans their Lives

The FBI and The Army knew Major Hasan was a Terrorist.
Hasan was E-Mailing Al-queda Leaders.

Political Correctness cost 13 American lives ??!! OBamas Admin. is so
lame that we let this known nut continue to be in our
Military. Pres. OBama said, ' don't jump to conclusions.'
What !!??

To offend a Muslim is a crime ?! (BS) But, how dare we take precautions
to protect ourselfs !?

If we suspect someone of being a Terrorist they should
be taken to Getmo or Leavenworth Kansas Military Prison and held until
a Investigation is completed in full.

Thank You

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Muslims shouldn't be allowed in Our Military

Muslims have Killed our Troops before in the Military.

When will we learn ?? All Muslims / Islamic believers

should be removed from our Military. Today..............

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fort Hood

This Coward, a Muslim, should have been taken down Months

ago. Telling people to rise up against the enemies of Islam. Americans ??!!

When he was at Walter Weed Hospital and started acting nuts he should have

been investigated and Arrested then.

Anyone that talks of death and the Poor Muslims should be put away.

3000 Americans lost their lives on 9/11. And this Coward defends Muslims ????

He should have been locked away long ago.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

GOP / Joe Wilson

I heard this man talk on the News today about the Fort Hood

incident. Joe Wilson served 31 Years in the Army. His 4 sons

are all in the Military as we speak. He is a true American.

To bad OBama has no Military Experience. Maybe he could

make up his Mind to help the Troops in Afganistan. Maybe ?!

Joe Wilson is alot more Qualified than OBama to be President.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We took VA. and NJ.


The people have spoken. Tired of the Dems. spending
and OBama too.

............................GO GOP...............................

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Heath Care

Leave it alone OBama and Dems.
You hear horror stories of people having to wait
for Months in Canada and England for surgeries.
When in The Good Ole USA you get help right
away. Period.

Let it alone OBama.

Friday, October 9, 2009

OBama wins Nobel Prize ????

Gandhi was put up for the Nobel Prize 5 Times. He never got it. (??)
Gandhi was denied ????

President Reagan helped to put an end to the Cold War and had the
Berlin Wall taken down. He too received No - Award. (??)

But this OBama guy who has done nothing for mankind, been in Office
for less than a Year, Wins the Nobel Peace Prize ??!!

What about Gandhi, Reagan and so many others that indeed helped
Thousands and/or Hundreds of Thousands of Mankind ??

Politics has no place here, but I fear it was the reason why OBama got
this Award. And so do many, many others................

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Freedoms: Boating, Sailing, Nascar Racing, Balloning

Afganistan and our safety

If we walk away from Afganistan or use a Band-aid approach by sending just enough troops to
make it look good to the American public. We will pay with our Lives.
As we did in Iraq, we need to do here. Send in a 'Surge' of troops. And kick some a@@.

Al-Quida and the Taliban are hoping we turn tail and run. Just like Spain did.
But we can't and should not !! The Terrorist will turn Afganistan into a Training
Camp again and a safe heaven for wanted Terrorist.

I say, "do it right the first time around."

Thank you

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No to OBamas Health Plan

His Admin. can't even tell us how much it will cost us, let alone it will be Goverment run,
which means it will fail.
OBama and Co. spend like mad. $800 Billion ??!! Wheres the new jobs man.........
Where did the $800 Billion go too ??

And again, wheres the Jobs he promised us ????

Joe the Plumb and I wish to know.

Our USA...........

Our Great Country which
I've always been Proud of ..........

Friday, September 25, 2009

Leave the CIA alone OBama Admin.

The CIA and the FBI worked hand in hand to stop these latest attacks against the US from happening. Yet the OBama Admin. wants to Prosecute these people at the CIA that have
saved American lives !??
OBama needs to look around him and thank God he lives in the Great USA, and know
that freedom doesn't come without cost. Grow up OBama and grow a pair.
Stop these Political games.

The FBI and CIA need to be allowed to do their jobs without having
to look over their shoulders. Stop the games OBozo..............

Be a Patriot not a problem.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OBama Bowing to Dictators

OBama today at the UN bowed to Dictators from Libya, Iran, ect.
Obama makes the US look weak. He is always attacking his own Country,
the USA. Idiot. And the,'his own Country' I don't know if he is American ??
No US President has ever attacked America like he has. What is he doing ??

America has helped Countries like Africa to fight Aids. Our Men and Women have died
for other Countries for Decades. America saved France, England, Belgium, ect. from certain death in WWII.

OBama was making himself look good. Not the USA. It was all about him. Selfish.
I guess up until OBama came along we Americans have been doing everything wrong !??
Idiot. If it wasn't for the brave men and women of this great Country OBama would be
speaking either German and /or Japaness.

What a sad Person OBama has become. Or always was. And Again he makes the US look
weak. Russia and China are laughing at the USA because of OBama.
OBama again today said we have been doing everything wrong ???? What an Idiot.
Libya and Iran was their and our people should have walked out of the UN. Libya killed
civilians many times over. Remember Lockabie Scotland. An we listened to them ??
What.....................OBama is a complete Idiot.

God help us if OBama stays for 8 years. Remember, we are wrong, according to OBama ??
So, So weak he is...............


OBama needs to call off his Attorney General. Stop any Investigations into the CIA.
These People protect us. You and me. No Attacks since 9/11.
OBama needs to step up and act like a man and stop this madness.

Let the CIA do their Jobs.....................

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gitmo must stay open

Keep Gitmo open. If you send these Fanatics to American prisons in the States, they will simply
Recruit other Inmates. Then we have even more problems. More possible Terrorist in the States. All home grown.
OBama and his Admin. need to rethink this decision. They need to think about these Terrorist
recruiting others into their mad ways. The Terrorist need to stay at Gitmo.
And keep these Terrorist away from our Prisons.

Wake up OBama ...................

Islamics in America

Can you believe it. The Islamics in this Country will March on our Capital this Friday, Sept. 25 th. ?? I quess they want more rights ? Or will they ask for more Planes to fly into our buildings ??
We need to clean house. Send these Koran Loving Tubine heads back to their Countries. Kick them out and keep them out. If they say they Love Allah send them Home period. If they want to kill Americans send them to Gitmo, Cuba.

We owe no one an Apology. But OBama and Hillary Clinton go around apologizing for American actions. (??) Nearly 3000 people died on 911. I say don't forget them. The hell with Islamics. And don't let them March on our Capital. ( Bull.)

OBama wants Universal Health Care............

NO way man. OBama now says it won't be Universal, but two years ago he said in a speech, 'America needs Universal health care plan.' (??) Liar. Again he put
his foot in his mouth.
And if you or I don't won't Universal Health Care, to bad. He will if passed
fine you $ 950.00 if you don't take it. Fact.
The man has lost his mind.

And is causing us to loses the War in Afgan. By not flying our Troops around
in Helo's to save lives. Instead they get killed by roadside bombs repeatedly.
Idiot. Say NO to OBama in 2012. Please...............

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not another 4 Years

OBama will not be an 8 year President. Period.
He spends to much monies on nothing.
Health care plan is pissing people off.
Obama is to far out their..........


The American way.................

Now ain't that America !!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ is no King

Thank God he's off the News. Finally Peace for him and us.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Don't Fly on an Airbus Plane

Go Boeing. Airbus has had 2 of their Planes Crash into Oceans. Not Good.
Fly on Boeing made Aircraft, like 757, ( Miracle on the Hudson was a 757 )
767, 777, ect. Go with an Air line company that uses Boeing Aircraft.

Thank you

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jena 6 / Bull-Crap

6 Black youths beat the hell out of a White male. But get this, the blacks are the Victims ?? 5 have just plead guilty to the beating. But again they had rallys and Jesse Jackson / Al Sharpton their for the injustice to the 'Poor' Black boys. ????

What kind of crap is all this.

If a white male is beaten its not news. But God forbid it be a Black person.
Double standards by the Liberal Media. And the NAACP.

Down in Charleston, SC on 2 different occasions, 10 blacks total Either raped and Murdered a white famile. ( Made her clean herself with bleach after raping her repeatedly ) And a white male walking home to his Wife and kids is beaten into a Coma by 5 Black youths. To this day this man wears a Diaper and is bed ridden. These 5 Black youths did less than 5 years in Prison, But the Victim will never walk again. 5 years ??!! If the Victims here had been Black there would have been marches out the ass.
And no National News for these Crimes ????

And they say,'Poor black man.' Bull-Crap. Not in my book..................

Poor Blacks my ass !!

And these Jena 6, beat the hell out of this white guy. But, the Blacks are the Victims ???? WHAT............

Please tell this Liberal crap too GOD and see what he says. He'll send you straight to Hell.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Micheal Jackson was a pervert

Their is know telling how many young boys this man Molested. He's no Icon period.
He's a Pervert. Plan and simple. Paid people off so they would not tell the Authorities. Some Icon.

Face it the Man was a Perv. Very sick individual........

He's no Hero nor Icon in my World. And in many others.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Micheal Jackson

Was a Fruitcake. Have you seen his face the last 25 years ? I rest my case. The man was a freak.

And, he Molested children(s). More than we will ever be told of.

May God have Mercy on his Soul.

Boats, got to love them.....

They come in 3's.........................

In the last 2 weeks - 3 actors have passed. 2 are questionable.
The 3rd., died after a Long battle with Cancer.

May God Bless them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fair Justice - No such thing

NFL Football player kills a man while Drunk Driving. Gets a slap on the wrist ??
( Donte Stallworth )
Rapper Chris Brown / Actor / beats the hell out of his girlfriend and also gets a slap on the wrist ??

Having Money $$ and being Black too will get you very little time. Just ask O.J.
( Thats until he went to Vegas and screwed up again. )( Al Sharpton wasn't around to lie for him again. Had O.J. stop taking his Meds. so his hands would swell !! )
God took him up and out of here. Amen.....

If your Rich you won't go to Jail and it also helps if your Rich and Black.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

This is America - Being free - Having Fun


We need a President like Ronald Reagan. Not one that makes nothing but pretty speeches.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Wheres the Jobs OBama ??

I thought with $ 750 Billion of tax payers money being spent, that new Jobs were suppose to appear ?? Whats going on OBama ?? What about your promises................

Is this the change, spend, spend, spend.............. ??

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iraq and Afganistan all Quiet

Pres. Bush pushed for a surge in troops and know its all quiet. But, the Liberal Media has said nothing of this ??!!
If Obama had done this, it be headline news. Media is so Bias. Its sickening.

Bush was right about the Surge but nothing is said?? Sad , so sad..............

Things going good and Bush gets no credit. Go figure..................

Sad, Sad Media we have.

Its not if it's bleeds it leads, it's if its Black it leads. ( OBama )

What bull.................

Why does Obama get no negative Press

Because he's a great President ? No way. Its the Liberal Media.
Bush was all wrong and Osama, Half Muslim, is all - Black.

Its the poor black man thing over and over again. OBama has never worked a day in his life. The man lives in a Mansion. ( Not the White House ) He attacks the very people who raised him.
Talks of his great Daddy who left him. Didn't care about him at all. And again, attacks his poor white Grandma that raised his butt ??!!
Between the Media and OBama TV is a complete joke anymore. Completely. OSama on my TV and I just turn it off.

The man went to a racist church for 20 years and nothing is said ?? If a white man did this they'd hang him. The Media.

Lord help us.............

OBama will spend us into debt. He's already done it. And will continue to do so.
And the Liberal Media will say..........Nothing.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Being nice as OBama is to Muslims is getting us laughed at

OBama goes to all these Countries and apologizes for Americas mistakes ?? What mistakes Mr. OBama ??
On 9/11 we were attacked. We did not attack them. They attacked us. 3000 Americans lost their lives. And we apologize ?? What ??
Stop making pretty speeches and get real man.
Iran and N. Korea are testing us right now. Are we going to give them a pretty speech too ??

America cannot look weak. Or become weak in any way.

We must put our foot down and now. And tell Iran and N. Korea how its going to be.

Others Sick Of Obama Infatuation?? Even Liberals?? YES!!

A SUPER-LIBERAL is sick of Obama like the rest of us? Can it possibly be true? I know I sure am sick of him on the TV every minute of every day 24/7. I'm going to read a lot more books that have NO OBAMA in them over the next 3 1/2 years.

L.A. Times article.................,0,7966784.story

Truth Root 2 blogger

Pres. like Reagan

We need another Pres. like Ronald Reagan. Republican.
Ol' Ronnie didn't take no juke off Libya and helped bring down Russia.
And the Berlin Wall.
OBama will never top that. He'll just make pretty speeches.

Ronald Reagan-
Now thats a President..................

Miss CAL. Carrie Pregean

She was dead on when she said Marriage is between a Man and a Woman, Only.
She was spot on. Tell it like it is Carrie !!
Being Gay is wrong. And sick too. Imagine your small child seeing 2 men kissing in public.
Sodomy is sick, sick, sick. And against the Bible.

Take your butts to Church and learn something.

Roma was destroyed because of Sodomy. You will not destroy America !!
Carrie spoke her mind and the truth. Thank God she did.

In Muslim Countries they put gay people to death. Fact.
Go live their gays...............I didn't think so................

Marriage IS only between a Man and Woman. Live with it.

Iran / N. Korea

Why hasn't OBama come out and let the public know what he plans to do next ? What is Americas response going to be ? Is his Tela-prompter broken ??

These Two Countries have to be dealt with firmly. ( Their Goverments )
America cannot set idealy by and do nothing. OBama most respond with a clear message that no one Bullies the USA. Period.

Send 2 Carrier Groups over their and let them know we are not bluffing. This is what ol' Ronald Reagan would have done. And Amen to that.

OBama is being tested and he needs to stand up. Grow a pair................

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keep Gitmo open

Demorats need to wake up and keep Gitmo open. This place is perfect for keeping Terrorist. And keeping America safe. Amen.

Wake up people, keep Gitmo open...............For your Kids and their kids sake...............

Whimpy Democrats

Would have us lay down our arms and swear allegiance to Allah. This is a fact.

Closing Gitmo is a ridiculous idea. Another dumb idea by Demorats.

Demorats would have us sit down and talk with Terrorist ? You got to be kidding.

Terrorist are good for one thing, Targets. ( Amen )