Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jena 6 / Bull-Crap

6 Black youths beat the hell out of a White male. But get this, the blacks are the Victims ?? 5 have just plead guilty to the beating. But again they had rallys and Jesse Jackson / Al Sharpton their for the injustice to the 'Poor' Black boys. ????

What kind of crap is all this.

If a white male is beaten its not news. But God forbid it be a Black person.
Double standards by the Liberal Media. And the NAACP.

Down in Charleston, SC on 2 different occasions, 10 blacks total Either raped and Murdered a white famile. ( Made her clean herself with bleach after raping her repeatedly ) And a white male walking home to his Wife and kids is beaten into a Coma by 5 Black youths. To this day this man wears a Diaper and is bed ridden. These 5 Black youths did less than 5 years in Prison, But the Victim will never walk again. 5 years ??!! If the Victims here had been Black there would have been marches out the ass.
And no National News for these Crimes ????

And they say,'Poor black man.' Bull-Crap. Not in my book..................

Poor Blacks my ass !!

And these Jena 6, beat the hell out of this white guy. But, the Blacks are the Victims ???? WHAT............

Please tell this Liberal crap too GOD and see what he says. He'll send you straight to Hell.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Micheal Jackson was a pervert

Their is know telling how many young boys this man Molested. He's no Icon period.
He's a Pervert. Plan and simple. Paid people off so they would not tell the Authorities. Some Icon.

Face it the Man was a Perv. Very sick individual........

He's no Hero nor Icon in my World. And in many others.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Micheal Jackson

Was a Fruitcake. Have you seen his face the last 25 years ? I rest my case. The man was a freak.

And, he Molested children(s). More than we will ever be told of.

May God have Mercy on his Soul.

Boats, got to love them.....

They come in 3's.........................

In the last 2 weeks - 3 actors have passed. 2 are questionable.
The 3rd., died after a Long battle with Cancer.

May God Bless them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fair Justice - No such thing

NFL Football player kills a man while Drunk Driving. Gets a slap on the wrist ??
( Donte Stallworth )
Rapper Chris Brown / Actor / beats the hell out of his girlfriend and also gets a slap on the wrist ??

Having Money $$ and being Black too will get you very little time. Just ask O.J.
( Thats until he went to Vegas and screwed up again. )( Al Sharpton wasn't around to lie for him again. Had O.J. stop taking his Meds. so his hands would swell !! )
God took him up and out of here. Amen.....

If your Rich you won't go to Jail and it also helps if your Rich and Black.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

This is America - Being free - Having Fun


We need a President like Ronald Reagan. Not one that makes nothing but pretty speeches.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Wheres the Jobs OBama ??

I thought with $ 750 Billion of tax payers money being spent, that new Jobs were suppose to appear ?? Whats going on OBama ?? What about your promises................

Is this the change, spend, spend, spend.............. ??

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iraq and Afganistan all Quiet

Pres. Bush pushed for a surge in troops and know its all quiet. But, the Liberal Media has said nothing of this ??!!
If Obama had done this, it be headline news. Media is so Bias. Its sickening.

Bush was right about the Surge but nothing is said?? Sad , so sad..............

Things going good and Bush gets no credit. Go figure..................

Sad, Sad Media we have.

Its not if it's bleeds it leads, it's if its Black it leads. ( OBama )

What bull.................

Why does Obama get no negative Press

Because he's a great President ? No way. Its the Liberal Media.
Bush was all wrong and Osama, Half Muslim, is all - Black.

Its the poor black man thing over and over again. OBama has never worked a day in his life. The man lives in a Mansion. ( Not the White House ) He attacks the very people who raised him.
Talks of his great Daddy who left him. Didn't care about him at all. And again, attacks his poor white Grandma that raised his butt ??!!
Between the Media and OBama TV is a complete joke anymore. Completely. OSama on my TV and I just turn it off.

The man went to a racist church for 20 years and nothing is said ?? If a white man did this they'd hang him. The Media.

Lord help us.............

OBama will spend us into debt. He's already done it. And will continue to do so.
And the Liberal Media will say..........Nothing.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Being nice as OBama is to Muslims is getting us laughed at

OBama goes to all these Countries and apologizes for Americas mistakes ?? What mistakes Mr. OBama ??
On 9/11 we were attacked. We did not attack them. They attacked us. 3000 Americans lost their lives. And we apologize ?? What ??
Stop making pretty speeches and get real man.
Iran and N. Korea are testing us right now. Are we going to give them a pretty speech too ??

America cannot look weak. Or become weak in any way.

We must put our foot down and now. And tell Iran and N. Korea how its going to be.

Others Sick Of Obama Infatuation?? Even Liberals?? YES!!

A SUPER-LIBERAL is sick of Obama like the rest of us? Can it possibly be true? I know I sure am sick of him on the TV every minute of every day 24/7. I'm going to read a lot more books that have NO OBAMA in them over the next 3 1/2 years.

L.A. Times article.................,0,7966784.story

Truth Root 2 blogger

Pres. like Reagan

We need another Pres. like Ronald Reagan. Republican.
Ol' Ronnie didn't take no juke off Libya and helped bring down Russia.
And the Berlin Wall.
OBama will never top that. He'll just make pretty speeches.

Ronald Reagan-
Now thats a President..................

Miss CAL. Carrie Pregean

She was dead on when she said Marriage is between a Man and a Woman, Only.
She was spot on. Tell it like it is Carrie !!
Being Gay is wrong. And sick too. Imagine your small child seeing 2 men kissing in public.
Sodomy is sick, sick, sick. And against the Bible.

Take your butts to Church and learn something.

Roma was destroyed because of Sodomy. You will not destroy America !!
Carrie spoke her mind and the truth. Thank God she did.

In Muslim Countries they put gay people to death. Fact.
Go live their gays...............I didn't think so................

Marriage IS only between a Man and Woman. Live with it.

Iran / N. Korea

Why hasn't OBama come out and let the public know what he plans to do next ? What is Americas response going to be ? Is his Tela-prompter broken ??

These Two Countries have to be dealt with firmly. ( Their Goverments )
America cannot set idealy by and do nothing. OBama most respond with a clear message that no one Bullies the USA. Period.

Send 2 Carrier Groups over their and let them know we are not bluffing. This is what ol' Ronald Reagan would have done. And Amen to that.

OBama is being tested and he needs to stand up. Grow a pair................

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keep Gitmo open

Demorats need to wake up and keep Gitmo open. This place is perfect for keeping Terrorist. And keeping America safe. Amen.

Wake up people, keep Gitmo open...............For your Kids and their kids sake...............

Whimpy Democrats

Would have us lay down our arms and swear allegiance to Allah. This is a fact.

Closing Gitmo is a ridiculous idea. Another dumb idea by Demorats.

Demorats would have us sit down and talk with Terrorist ? You got to be kidding.

Terrorist are good for one thing, Targets. ( Amen )