Friday, September 25, 2009

Leave the CIA alone OBama Admin.

The CIA and the FBI worked hand in hand to stop these latest attacks against the US from happening. Yet the OBama Admin. wants to Prosecute these people at the CIA that have
saved American lives !??
OBama needs to look around him and thank God he lives in the Great USA, and know
that freedom doesn't come without cost. Grow up OBama and grow a pair.
Stop these Political games.

The FBI and CIA need to be allowed to do their jobs without having
to look over their shoulders. Stop the games OBozo..............

Be a Patriot not a problem.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OBama Bowing to Dictators

OBama today at the UN bowed to Dictators from Libya, Iran, ect.
Obama makes the US look weak. He is always attacking his own Country,
the USA. Idiot. And the,'his own Country' I don't know if he is American ??
No US President has ever attacked America like he has. What is he doing ??

America has helped Countries like Africa to fight Aids. Our Men and Women have died
for other Countries for Decades. America saved France, England, Belgium, ect. from certain death in WWII.

OBama was making himself look good. Not the USA. It was all about him. Selfish.
I guess up until OBama came along we Americans have been doing everything wrong !??
Idiot. If it wasn't for the brave men and women of this great Country OBama would be
speaking either German and /or Japaness.

What a sad Person OBama has become. Or always was. And Again he makes the US look
weak. Russia and China are laughing at the USA because of OBama.
OBama again today said we have been doing everything wrong ???? What an Idiot.
Libya and Iran was their and our people should have walked out of the UN. Libya killed
civilians many times over. Remember Lockabie Scotland. An we listened to them ??
What.....................OBama is a complete Idiot.

God help us if OBama stays for 8 years. Remember, we are wrong, according to OBama ??
So, So weak he is...............


OBama needs to call off his Attorney General. Stop any Investigations into the CIA.
These People protect us. You and me. No Attacks since 9/11.
OBama needs to step up and act like a man and stop this madness.

Let the CIA do their Jobs.....................

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gitmo must stay open

Keep Gitmo open. If you send these Fanatics to American prisons in the States, they will simply
Recruit other Inmates. Then we have even more problems. More possible Terrorist in the States. All home grown.
OBama and his Admin. need to rethink this decision. They need to think about these Terrorist
recruiting others into their mad ways. The Terrorist need to stay at Gitmo.
And keep these Terrorist away from our Prisons.

Wake up OBama ...................

Islamics in America

Can you believe it. The Islamics in this Country will March on our Capital this Friday, Sept. 25 th. ?? I quess they want more rights ? Or will they ask for more Planes to fly into our buildings ??
We need to clean house. Send these Koran Loving Tubine heads back to their Countries. Kick them out and keep them out. If they say they Love Allah send them Home period. If they want to kill Americans send them to Gitmo, Cuba.

We owe no one an Apology. But OBama and Hillary Clinton go around apologizing for American actions. (??) Nearly 3000 people died on 911. I say don't forget them. The hell with Islamics. And don't let them March on our Capital. ( Bull.)

OBama wants Universal Health Care............

NO way man. OBama now says it won't be Universal, but two years ago he said in a speech, 'America needs Universal health care plan.' (??) Liar. Again he put
his foot in his mouth.
And if you or I don't won't Universal Health Care, to bad. He will if passed
fine you $ 950.00 if you don't take it. Fact.
The man has lost his mind.

And is causing us to loses the War in Afgan. By not flying our Troops around
in Helo's to save lives. Instead they get killed by roadside bombs repeatedly.
Idiot. Say NO to OBama in 2012. Please...............