Friday, October 9, 2009

OBama wins Nobel Prize ????

Gandhi was put up for the Nobel Prize 5 Times. He never got it. (??)
Gandhi was denied ????

President Reagan helped to put an end to the Cold War and had the
Berlin Wall taken down. He too received No - Award. (??)

But this OBama guy who has done nothing for mankind, been in Office
for less than a Year, Wins the Nobel Peace Prize ??!!

What about Gandhi, Reagan and so many others that indeed helped
Thousands and/or Hundreds of Thousands of Mankind ??

Politics has no place here, but I fear it was the reason why OBama got
this Award. And so do many, many others................

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Freedoms: Boating, Sailing, Nascar Racing, Balloning

Afganistan and our safety

If we walk away from Afganistan or use a Band-aid approach by sending just enough troops to
make it look good to the American public. We will pay with our Lives.
As we did in Iraq, we need to do here. Send in a 'Surge' of troops. And kick some a@@.

Al-Quida and the Taliban are hoping we turn tail and run. Just like Spain did.
But we can't and should not !! The Terrorist will turn Afganistan into a Training
Camp again and a safe heaven for wanted Terrorist.

I say, "do it right the first time around."

Thank you

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No to OBamas Health Plan

His Admin. can't even tell us how much it will cost us, let alone it will be Goverment run,
which means it will fail.
OBama and Co. spend like mad. $800 Billion ??!! Wheres the new jobs man.........
Where did the $800 Billion go too ??

And again, wheres the Jobs he promised us ????

Joe the Plumb and I wish to know.

Our USA...........

Our Great Country which
I've always been Proud of ..........