Saturday, April 3, 2010

How Much More Will OBama Spend

OBama has already Spent $ 1.5 Trillion Counting Interest on his
Stimulus Bill. And their are NO true real Jobs Coming Open ??!!

What will the Annotated One do Now ?! Surely Not Spend The
US into more Debt.

However, Knowing OBama and Company They will Spend more of
Our Monies...

The Great Black Hope Has Fallen on his Arse.

In 2 Years I Pray he's Gone.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OBama is Pulling Apart America...

OBama with his Giving Banks $$ Billions and OBama - Care

that he Forced on America. How much will this Cost us ??

OBama is Spending Money we don't have.

( where are the jobs OBama )

OBama Campained for Change and he Lied. OBama is

Pulling America Bill by Bill Apart...

Hatred in America is as High as it was in Vietnam

times. People are not Happy at all with Washington.

Americans have Started A New Party, The Tea Party.

OBama has Awoken a Sleeping Giant. The People of

The USA.

God I pray OBama is a One Term President

All OBama knows to do is Spend and Spend some more.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

What does OBama Mean ????



I Pray to God that OBama is Gone in 2 and

A-Half Years.

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What will OBama do next ?!

He Rushed to Spend $$ Billions / $$ Trillions on the

Economy. ( Where are the Jobs OBama ?? )

He tried to Rush through A Health Care Bill and had to

Carve it to Pieces. Then against the American Will, got

the Health Care Bill passed that Nobody wanted ??!!

What will OBama do Next ??

I fear something again

that we Americans Cannot Afford.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

In Christ I / We Trust. OBama I don't Trust.

And Where are the Jobs Nobama ??

Spend Trillions and Still No Jobs...

Our Grandkids will have to Pay Back

what NOBama has Spent. What a

Big Dummy he is as Fred Sanford

would have said.

OBama Stands for:

"One Big Ass Mistake America"

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