Sunday, March 13, 2011

The US @ Its Allies Need to Put up A No - Fly - Zone Over Libya Now

The Arab Legion Has asked Us to do Just This.

This To Help in the Fight Against Terrorist and

One Less Country For Them To Hide In.

We Cannot Afford To Miss Out On This

Opportunity. We Must with Our Allies Help

the Rebels Win this battle.

Hopefully OBamas White House Won't Mess

This One Up Like they did In Iran.

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We Have Our Freedoms Today Thanks To God and Our Military Men and Women


Praying Deeply for The Victims in Japan. May God Bless their Souls

Pray for Them my Friends. And Pray Often.

We Will.

May God Almighty Give Them Each Strength

To care On.


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Monday, January 3, 2011

May God Bless You and Keep You. May All Your Prayers Be Answered. AMEN

Where are All the "Jobs" You Promised Us Americans OBama ????


What Does OBama Mean ?!


One Big Arse Mistake America

OBama and The Dems. Spend and Spend

$$$$ With NO End in Sight.

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OBama Should Do More, Like Less Vacations, To Protect Our Freedoms

How Long Can OBama Play Golf and Stay on Vacation's ?!

This President has Played more Golf In 2 Years than Bush did in 8 Years while in Office.

How Many More Times Will Michelle OBama ( she wears the pants ) Extended the so - called Presidents Vacations ??!!

What a Joke OBama Has Become. We've been Attacked a Few Times Now on his Watch and What does SHE do. EXtend the Vacation ??
Great Job Barrack Hussain Michelle. ( idiots )

Until next week when I'm sure there will be another Vacation Due.

Good Night America.

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